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(Valet Review) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are all the basic answers we come to think of when asked about Social Media. We now use these to connect with people around us either in near or far places.

These platforms give us updates on the latest news and hot gossip. With its growing impact on our lives, many have taken advantage on its advertising potential due to people being online and always on their phones & devices.

The challenge here is how to get the interest of consumers willing to buy your product or service. Twitter has become one of the most used online sites other than Facebook in where advertisers want to place their products but find it much harder to do because they can’t see your posts unless they follow you.

Not only that but now you have to worry about targeting the appropriate consumers then get them to follow you. With your ordinary day to day you will have to manually follow many accounts and in return 1 out of 20 may follow you back.

We done a lot of searching online and found this nifty service called Valet! This amazing tool can help automate your Twitter Followers. I recommend Valet for you. Read on…

Valet Review


You: Okay, Mr. Valet. You have my attention. Now, how are you going to help grow my Twitter following?

Valet: When you use Valet for your Twitter, we will use our set of tools on the people interacting with each of your competitors to find the most optimal combination.

Everyday our team will use the tools, in order of effectiveness, to curate a list of suggested accounts to follow.

This tool will help you connect to people with just 1% effort and all you have to do is connect your account and get a subscription which is only $10/month. If you still don’t get it then they have a free week trial wherein there is a daily limit of 10 follows per day and 20 unfollows per day. If however you feel comfortable with $10 for a month then dive right in.

Here’s the link: Valet

Valet Review Instructions

We have put together a quick Tutorial just in case you need help signing up.

STEP 1: Click this link

Valet Review

STEP 2: Connect your twitter by signing in or if you don’t have an account yet sign up first and authorize the app

Valet Review

STEP 3: It will redirect you back to the application

Valet Review

STEP 4: Select your competitor so Valet can strategize. You can add more than one.

Valet Review

Sometimes it is such a hassle selecting competitors since you have to type their exact username for them to be able to find it. Typing their name isn’t recommended, if I were you sign in first to your account and search their usernames first.

STEP 5: Check your growth status of followers

Valet Review

The above picture shows no progress since I did not add any competitor.

Note: They can’t plan a strategy for your account without you first adding competitors. So don’t forget to select accounts of your competitors.

If you add competitors for example, it would look like this:

Valet Social

Every day they will periodically, throughout the day, follow people based on the strategy. They will also unfollow your non-followers (people that haven’t followed you back within 4 days) and unfollowers (people that used to follow you but no longer do).

Remember that you can get a safe and risk free 5 days trial. If ever you don’t like the results of the progress for the past 5 days then you can always cancel your subscription.

Summary of Valet Review

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